Lakeshore North Homeowners Association, Inc.

The Lakeshore North association is responsible for the 130 residences in the community that don’t belong to the other two associations for the purposes of the building sitting on the “footprint” of the dwelling. It is not responsible for any common property or common areas surrounding the dwelling.

The primary areas managed by the board are the Insurance policies on the buildings, paint color approvals, mangrove maintenance and other building related maintenance items, such as gutters, roofing and utility sheds. The association does not reserve any amounts for these items and they are the responsibility of the individual owners.

The association acquires a Property and Windstorm insurance policy on all buildings and Flood insurance for each individual dwelling in the association. This coverage is for the exterior and interior of the units and is billed directly to each owner for their actual costs in November (Flood), April/May (Property, 1st installment), and  September (Property, 2nd installment) of each year as the policies renew by the management company. This invoice is payable to Lakeshore North Homeowners Association, Inc., not the Master Association.

Individual owners are encouraged to purchase “interior” coverage and policies on their own to protect their personal property, contents and liability exposures. You may add interior contents coverage for flood to the association acquired policy so that all coverage is with one insurance carrier, simplifying any claim issues.

In addition to the direct individual assessment for insurance billings the association currently has an annual administrative fee to cover management fees, mailings and other miscellaneous costs. To confirm this cost please reach out to the management company, Seacrest Services at 561-697-4990.