Lakeshore Colony No. 1 Condominium Association, Inc.

The Lakeshore Colony Condominium Association is comprised of the 40 units in the Condo  building. It is not responsible for any common property or common areas surrounding the dwelling.

The primary areas managed by the Condo board are water and sewer costs, Property insurance, including windstorm and Flood insurance. Individual owners are encouraged to purchase “interior” coverage and policies on their own to protect their personal property contents and liability exposures. Other covered maintenance items include the building’s concrete structure, balconies, roof, generator, elevator, lobby air-conditioning, front access panel and life safety apparatus that includes fire pump, sprinkler system and fire alarm system.

The association maintains a separate reserve budget representing more than 10% of the annual maintenance budget to cover non routine maintenance or repair items in a “pooled reserve fund” as governed by Condominium law. Dues are invoiced quarterly for those services and are payable to The Lakeshore Colony Condominium Association, Inc, not the Master Association.

The Condo has a pet policy in place and pets are approved on a case by case basis by the board of directors who maintain the right to adjust the pet policy to suit the needs of the unit owners. The dog size limit is currently set to a maximum of 20 pounds.